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ShockWave - The Portable Pain-Relieving Solution  

As early as in 1980s, Extracorporeal Shock Wave technology has been applied in orthopedic and physiotherapy fields. Thereafter, it has continuously been improved and perfected after over ten years clinical study and research. Now Shockwave Therapy is widely accepted as the first choice for treatment of bone injuries, joint and soft tissue diseases in American and European countries.



• Desktop size, compact design
• Handy shock wave head with hold-on switch
• Treatment at any angle
• Large-size LCDfor user-friendly display
• Setting all parameters by only one knob
• Durable electromagnetic shock wave generator

• Tendon injuries, ligament injuries
• Muscle pains
• Joint disease such as osteoarthritis
• Delayed bone healing/ stress fracture
• Radial epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
• Ulna epicondylitis (golf elbow)
• Pseudarthrosis
• Other indications

• Patients with serious heart diseases
• Women in pregnancy
• Infection and/or canker of treatment parts
• Acute inflammation







Penetration depth:
Focal pressure:
Rise time:
Pulse width:
Frequency (per min.):
Focal range:
Triggering Mode:
Coupling mode:
Therapy angle:
Power supply:
Net Weight:
Dimension (in mm):



<= 80mm
15 ~ 30Mpa
<= 0.5us
<= 1 us
60 - 80 shockwaves/ adjustable
5mm (radial)/ 10mm (horizontal)
Continuous / Discontinuous
Dry coupling (cushion)
Any angle
AC220V (+-10%), 50Hz (+-1Hz)
86 ~106kPa
40 kg/ 25kg(with/ without trolley)
450(L) x 400(W) x 180(H)

10℃ ~ 35℃ during treatment
-10℃ ~ 40℃ in storage


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