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"HIFU can efficiently treat the patients with the liver cancer. It will offer a significant non-invasive therapy for local treatment of liver tumor."

by World J Gastroenterol, August 1 2004 (ISSN 1007-9327, CN14-1219/R)


"The combination of high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation and TACE (Transcatheter arterial chemoembolizatio) is promising approach in patients with advanced-stage HCC, but large scale randomized clinical trials are necessary for confirmation."

by Radiology 2005; 235:659-667 (Published online 10.1138/ radiol.2352030916)


"In summary, our preliminary experience suggests that high-intensity focused ultrasound is safe and feasible for the treatment of patients with unresectable cancer in the body and the tail of the pancreas. A randomized clinical trail, however, is essential to determine the future role of this treatment in patients with pancreatic malignancy."

by Radiology 2005; 236:1034-1040 (Published online 10.1148/ radiol.2362041105)


Introduction of HIFU-2001




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